fuck the tea party, fuck the government, fuck money

Regarding the monetary and political manifesto, sources out of reach, I figure the less the interruption of daily lives by these two inconsistent dumbheads, the better lives would be. I think back to the the guerilla influence of the Bolshevik communist revolution and think to myself, is democracy really a satisfying system? The Western world and its superiority complex really dumbs a lot of people down. Democracy has been based upon capitalist and industrialist campaigns to unify and "make lives simpler", but is this what everyone wants? In a free country, it is possible to say "Yeah! This is the only way!" A lot of people may think that social welfare is the enemy, but the capitalist society has driven it in that direction.
This whole ordeal of Donald Trump navigating business in the White House, delimiting the President's power because he has a lot of money: Think of what else the not-so-fortunate wealthy beings in this world are up to, probably guiding the political figure heads of our very own state. It has been a recurring theme ever since the industrial revolution that money in fact is the root of all evil. So, Mr. Rich Man with the top hat and Armani get-up, you materialist fiend, what exactly will you contribute to society other than your profit from your undifferentiated product of the market? Will you pay your taxes and your bills and snort cocaine out of a stripper's asshole or will you educate yourself and use your boisterous power to do something more than continue a lack of culture?
This is the problem with most of society: They're so involved with mediocre products of some other person's idea that they don't even take the time to even relinquish one of their potential ideas. The human species is more advanced for a reason, namely reason itself. I recommend a good read, one that I have not finished myself, but can sense the strong implications of our weak-minded society:



It basically retrieves the idea that our commodities have "colonized" our thoughts. That is, all these manufactured goods have shaped our desires. It is a common wish of ours to obtain our desires, but to think that other people are figuratively in charge of what I desire just seems to mesh with this ideal of free will, as with politics and money.

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