There is something eminent of summertime-BEING NOW- that enhances my desire for outlandish activities and beings about a deep propensity to gather about a body of water. Maybe the harsh realities of civilization and usurpers are finally coming to rid me of my individual, unscathed, liberties of childhood. Police like states in boring suburban cities should no longer determine simple freedoms to be criminal-like. Such as their judging all at once a scene to be of ill favor. To whose favor? What a child needs these days is to build their resume to secure their financial future. No. Who made that illegitimate claim but the conquering Western Conquer and Capitalization proclomation? It is deterministic to believe that all beings have been educated to be a soldier of capital gain, and ironically, welfare. But it is my duty as a rational being to make sure that I don't fall to be the victim of the many surviving cliches. So I will enjoy my individual liberties as I did when I was younger. I may not remember what all I have done but I do know that those prowlers who wish to infringe on anyone's delicate process of living shall require much more than their own meaningless passive-aggressive attitudes that is but prancing in his own glory. It is then less to think of human life as a process so delicate that shall always require an apology for selfish desires or begrudging fervor.

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